Food for thought

Sundays are the best nights for a home cooked meal and a glass of vino or two. Today we brunched at a Blackwood, a brand new American Thai Fusion restaurant on Chestnut. I’m not going to lie, I treated myself to a delicious cheat meal and I think I found my new favorite place for breakfast. The pancakes are to die for! There are healthy alternatives there,  but Sundays are my days to have one not so healthy meal. That said, we decided to eat clean tonight and make Turkey Tacos. They are so easy and super tasty.


+lean ground turkey (ours already has the taco seasoning mixed in)




+greek yogurt (instead of sour cream)

+I chose to add a dash of cheese because I am a cheese fanatic, but you can choose to go without any of these ingredients


+cook the ground turkey at a medium-high heat

+ chop the onions, tomatoes and other fresh veggies you choose to include (my honey chose to add a habanero pepper, as I am too much of a baby)

+add all ingredients into a bed of lettuce instead of a taco shell




What do you think?

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