Well Spoken

TGIF! It has been quite the work week and I cannot be more happy that the weekend is in sight. At the end of the day you need to remind yourself once in a while that you need to do more of what makes you happy!

This week I…

+Hit the most beautiful tennis courts in SF, Alice Marble. I mean, it feels like you are playing tennis on top of the world. Where else in the city can you stand in one spot and see the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Nob Hill and FiDi? Also, you know the scene in the Princess Diaries where she falls off he bleachers, the place where the main character comes after school? Yeah…that’s the place. My favorite spot in the world to play tennis and get some exercise. Although, I could use a lesson or two…

+Was finally able to take a lunch break and head to the gym for a quick 30 minute workout. Typically, I hop on the elliptical and feel a million times better when heading back to the office. When you have this little time, crank up the intensity and make it count! I usually try to plan my workouts ahead of time throughout the week and knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything after work, simply because I had a very important happy hour to attend. After a long week, a martini is essential. Cheers!

+Ran 4+ miles from my apartment to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. The whether in the city has been phenomenal this week and there is nothing better than taking a run with views to die for. I love this route and can’t wait for the next.

+Purchased this super cute race bib hanger! My previous bibs have been hanging on my fridge forever and looking like a clutter fest. I found this cute little hanger on Etsy to show off the races. Why didn’t I think of this genius, yet simple idea?!

Have a great weekend everyone! Looking forward to chasing the sun in San Francisco and being active outdoors!


{image credit: Unraveled Design}


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