Travel Friendly Snacks

The worst part about going out of town for me is the price my diet pays. The assumption is that when you travel, you can’t eat healthy, so you don’t make the attempt. With such slim pickings at the airport or  during pit stops the only way to keep on track with a clean diet is to pack a carry on. Here are a few things that I am taking with me on our trip back East tomorrow.

Low-Fat Greek Yogurt: these are a new fav for me. Besides being a great source of protein in a portion controlled cup, yogurt contains probiotics, naturally occurring bacteria that can help settle your stomach.

Bananas: rich in magnesium, and a deficiency in this mineral can result in headaches and fatigue. I will be eating bananas like no other to avoid my common headaches.

Nuts: Their healthy combo of fat and protein can help keep you fuller for longer and reduce your calorie intake for the day. Not to mention I work for Diamond Foods {the maker of these delicious snacks} so I have plenty of these 100 calorie packs to go around.

A few other healthy travel snacks to store in your bag:

Turkey jerky: practically fat free protein source

Fruit snacks: stash a few no sugar added fruit snacks in your bag for a fiber filled way to satisfy your sweet tooth

Nut butter: I like to spread on apples, celery sticks or rice cakes to make them extra filling

Cereal: Look for boxes with no more than 120 calories per cup and a decent amount of fiber to tide you over

Now that I have my food situation thoughtfully planned out for our travel day tomorrow, next comes the hard part. Trying to fit all of the clothes, shoes, accessories into my suitcase. I may be into fitness and absolutely love my Nikes and yoga pants, I have a TON of clothes. I’d like to consider myself a fashionista, or dream of being one. Either way I hope my bag weighs less than 50 pounds!

I won’t be able to post until I return, so I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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To Do List

Happy Monday! Did everyone have a nice weekend? Mine consisted of getting a few workouts in, while running around everywhere trying to get ready for our vacation. Wish I could have had more time to watch just relax and catch a glimpse of the America’s Cup, but 2 more days and I will be in full relaxation mode.  We are heading to the East Coast for a week, and will have to fill you in on my workouts and eating regimens while out of my normal routine. Going to try my best to eat clean and get in a run or two.I am a total to-do list person and have one every single day (crazy I know). But this is the best one yet, love it!

Enjoy your week,


NWM 2012


8 weeks away! October 14th, this is where I will be. The excitement is something I cannot explain. Completing a marathon can be one of the most rewarding, if not THE most rewarding accomplishment…ever. It takes months of preparation and once you reach that finish line the feeling is indescribable. This is my motivation to you to kick-start your body and reach a goal that you have set for yourself. It only takes one little 5k to get me wanting to push myself further and do something that I never thought I could do. My training has begun, and by the end of the weekend I plan to run a total of 15 miles… Wish me luck! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone and thanks for reading!


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More Hours

I feel like it’s Monday all over again and I am lacking in the motivation department. I have yet to work out this week and now that it’s Wednesday I may just have to push myself after work. Work days starting at 6:30am are no bueno. I am wishing, hoping, praying there were more hours in the day! Even a 20 minute run would work for me at this point. Maybe thats what I will do today. I am 2 days behind on my marathon training schedule, so today will be day 1.  I am looking to this quote for that little boost that I need to not pass out right when I get home. Believe you can and you will. I can run or weight train after this long day/week. I can get on that marathon training schedule! Also photos like the one below make me happy…

This is my adorable boyfriend and I after I ran a Napa to Sonoma 5k with my mom. I got my best time yet, and they even had an extensive wine tasting to follow. Run then wine, I was a happy girl!

Cheers to more hours in a day! xo

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Active Exploration

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is wander around the city exploring new spots, hiking up and down the hills and take in the beautiful scenery this city has to offer. We did just that, fell in love with Russian Hill, and got a workout in while we were at it.


Loving my mint Nike Frees =)

Push-ups where there is a bench in sight!

Stop to smell the flowers.

I had no idea that there are tons of goats in the middle of the city…

Yes…goats in the middle of the city! Strange.

Needless to say the steep streets in Russian Hill kicked my butt! But so worth it in a day of exploring the city and being active at the same time. If you feel the need to be outdoors head over to the Vallejo or Taylor Street stairs and take advantage of this beautiful city while feeling the burn!

XO, Jenna




Isn’t this the truth!!? The only way I am able to make it to the gym is because of habit. Once I get out of the routine. that makes it ten times harder to get back. But let me tell you, I am SO sore from my workout last night! Definitely feeling it today (which is the sign I am doing something right)!  Here is my recap of what took place:

+20 mins on the treadmill (alternating pace)

+crunch with a weight/bench press (compound move)

+side twist with weight in hand

+bicycle crunch

+plant with one arm row


{15 reps of each exercise then repeat 3x}

+tricep pulldown

+lat pulldown

+bent over row

+overhead tricep extension

+rotating tricep kickback

{15 reps of each, repeat 3x}

I realize that you are probably wondering what these moves look like as the names can be a tad confusing. I am thinking of taking pictures and posting them in a later post, which will make it a lot easier to understand! I try and do as many compound moves a possible; aka one movement that hits multiple muscles. A fav of mine is a lunge with a bicep curl. Love these things! After this awesome workout I am pumped to go back… {maybe I will sneak out of work for a 30 minute eliptical workout today}

Have a fit and fab weekend!! {And thanks for reading!}

Keep this in mind…..

Dinner Made Easy

I will start by saying I am not a Michelin rated chef, nor cook on a regular basis. That said, most of my meals are super duper easy to make and don’t require a whole lot of time. The last thing I want to do after a long day of work, then gym, is cook for 2+ hours in the kitchen. Getting creative with the basics is the way to go for my lifestyle. Tonight I made tuna stuffed peppers for my boyfriend and I. It took 20 minutes at most, is a healthy option and good amount of food for the two of us.


+2 cans of solid white albacore tuna in water

+2 large peppers of your choice


+olive oil and vinegar


+green olives


The thing with this is that you can add anything you want to the tuna. Here I mixed in very little mayonnaise, and a splash of oil and some vinegar. The vinegar gives it a great taste. I then decided to add onions and green olives. LOVE green olives. I cut the peppers in half and filled them with the tuna mix. Very easy, yet tasty.

Tuna is high in protein, low in fat, packed with minerals and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Definitely something that I need to incorporate more in my diet. Instead of making your basic tuna sandwich with bread (carbs), why not opt for a more creative approach. This was delish!

Flat Belly Food Guide

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if all of my fat goes directly to my tummy! It is so annoying…I know I have strong abs somewhere in there, but all the carbs I’m eating are covering them up! I have been doing some heavy research here trying to put together a list of food that will give me a flat stomach and allow my six-pack to shine through. 😉 This is what is on my next shopping list:

+Rasberries, strawberries and blueberries: packed with fiber, and keeps you full for longer. (Also contain Vitamin C= great skin)

+Kale: anti-inflammatory, reduces bloat and revs metabolism

+Oatmeal: maintains blood sugar levels so you don’t crash and binge

+Non-fat Greek Yogurt: higher in filling protein than regular yogurt and also contains good bacteria (probiotic) that reduces bad bacteria, responsible for belly bloating

+Almonds, nuts and nut butters: packed with healthy fats and reduce craving while building muscle (these are the best snacks!)

+Salmon: full of omega-3 fatty acids, which rev metabolism so your body burns more fat, faster

+Watermelon: full of water, flushes water from your system and reduces puffiness

+Garlic: reduces fat in the liver, detoxifies and lessons bloating (amazing)

+Avocado: loaded with healthy fats while giving you tons of energy

+Quinoa: whole grain, full of protein and fiber which keeps you fuller longer

Alright, time to head to Trader Joe’s…At the top of my list, it’s a tie between the berries and avocado.

{credits: Self Magazine, Women’s Health Magazine, Fitness Magazine}

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Monday Motivation

Why do you work out? Here are a few of my reasons…

On Monday’s I usually like to plan out my workouts  for the week as best I can. Sometimes my schedule can change and things come up, but here is what I am thinking:

Monday: Legs, Shoulders, Abs

Tuesday: Biceps, Back, Abs

Wednesday: 30 minute eliptical during my lunch break (have plans after work)

Thursday: Triceps, Chest, Abs

Friday: run to the bridge and back (4+miles)

Saturday/Sunday: Rest

So here’s the scoop: When I get to the gym I usually start out with 20-30 minutes of cardio. Usually I stick to the treadmill or elliptical. Then weight training, and end with an ab exercise. When I know that I am unable to workout after work I try to get a quick cardio session in at the closest gym on my lunch break. My friday plans, as you can imagine, usually change by the second and sometimes happy hour sounds a bit more appealing than a workout. If so, I try to get a workout in on the weekend.

Planning my workouts ahead of time help me to stick to my routine and make sure they get done. My tip to you is to do the same and think ahead about how you can squeeze a workout into your busy schedule!

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Food for thought

Sundays are the best nights for a home cooked meal and a glass of vino or two. Today we brunched at a Blackwood, a brand new American Thai Fusion restaurant on Chestnut. I’m not going to lie, I treated myself to a delicious cheat meal and I think I found my new favorite place for breakfast. The pancakes are to die for! There are healthy alternatives there,  but Sundays are my days to have one not so healthy meal. That said, we decided to eat clean tonight and make Turkey Tacos. They are so easy and super tasty.


+lean ground turkey (ours already has the taco seasoning mixed in)




+greek yogurt (instead of sour cream)

+I chose to add a dash of cheese because I am a cheese fanatic, but you can choose to go without any of these ingredients


+cook the ground turkey at a medium-high heat

+ chop the onions, tomatoes and other fresh veggies you choose to include (my honey chose to add a habanero pepper, as I am too much of a baby)

+add all ingredients into a bed of lettuce instead of a taco shell